How to Sell Your Products on a Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Having cryptocurrency support as a payment option is a great bonus for your business. This allows you to reach and appeal to wider audiences. As a result, business owners are often wondering how they can accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shib, and other various cryptocurrencies.

Finding a Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Finding a suitable cryptocurrency marketplace currently boils down to only a handful of offerings. At this time, you may either use a marketplace such as or for Bitcoin exclusive sales, Alternatively, you may integrate cryptocurrency solutions into your own marketplace or learn more about Bitcoin-exclusive solutions.

How to Sell Products on Ethair Cryptocurrency Marketplace

As Ethair is the only marketplace that supports various cryptocurrencies and resembles in similarity to eBay and Amazon, this article will be briefly covering on how to list your items on the marketplace.

Things to know before selling is that there is a requirement to perform Stripe-based identity verification. This is in place in order to deter potential scammers. Cryptocurrency transactions are safely controlled with automated escrow services.

After creating an account, users can follow various tutorials from the “How to guides” such as How to Create a Storefront & Profile and How to Sell in order to set up their stores properly.
The recommendation is to create an FTX.US account to reduce transaction fees with the sales accomplished over the marketplace.

After the funds have arrived at your FTX.US account (alternatively personal wallet), you may withdraw them to your bank account.

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