How To Make Purchases With Cryptocurrency on Ethair

Navigating a new purchasing system can be confusing, let alone one with a completely different form of payment.

Purchasing items with cryptocurrencies is still a relatively new concept. Here is how the process will work on Ethair Marketplace.

The initial portion is fairly straightforward and in line with most other shopping sites.

Once you have found an item to purchase, whether through auction or traditional item posting, the following outlines what the process of purchasing with crypto looks like on Ethair.

If the item is up for auction then you’ll get to a bidding page.

Sample Bid Page

If your item is on a traditional listing then the page may look like this:

An image of a product listing on Ethair Marketplace
Sample Listing Page

In either of the above cases, when a product is listed in crypto, underneath that price it is noted if the seller wants to also accept fiat (local currency). It is also noted whether the seller only accepts a specific cryptocurrency or multiple.

All prices are based on current fiat and crypto rates. The price is locked in at the time of purchase.

After winning an auction or selecting an item, the item is placed in user’s cart.

An image of an online shopper’s shopping cart with an item in it
Sample Cart Page

Next you must complete the check-out steps.

First, review that the shipping and billing addresses are correct.

An image of an online shopping order review page
Sample Order Review Page

Then review your item, payment type, quantity and shipping speed. Don’t forget to apply points if applicable.

An image of an online purchase’s shipping options page
Sample Shipping Page

Once all information is verified then you can place your order.

An image of an online order page before the order is placed
Sample Order Summary

From here, the funds get deposited into a secure escrow account. The taxes and fees are taken from here. The seller is notified that the deposit has been made and then ships the item.

Once the buyer receives the item, they then release the funds from escrow and the seller is notified that the funds are available.

If there is an issue with the item the buyer has the option of starting the return process. We’ll discuss the return process in a future article.

We look forward to delving into more specifics and features while we build up to the launch date!

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