Ethair Referral Program

Spreading the word about Ethair is a mutually beneficial action. We get new users and you reap the benefits of our referral program.

Each user is given a referral link to share with your friends and family. Any verified users with your link will get counted toward your total referrals. You can check your referral count, as well as shareable personal link in your account, under Referral Activity.

The referral rewards pay out at the end of every month based on the percentage of new users you referred. Your number of referrals still counts after the end of each month as the total is cumulative.

The rewards you receive are a share of an ETHR token, our proprietary crypto’s, reward pool. The EHTR token is accumulated on a monthly basis depending on the number of points users have converted to ETHR. Points are earned on each transaction.

graphic of EHTR token

The more transactions on the marketplace, the more points users earn and can be converted to EHTR. This means the more people you refer, the more beneficial the program is all around.

At the end of each month, accumulated token value is distributed among the referrers. The first payout will be will be by the end of the quarter following our launch, or sooner if possible.

When users on the platform exchange their earned points into EHTR tokens, those points get multiplied by our smart contract. Every time a user exchanges points for the token, an extra 50% worth of the token is created. The referral pool gets 25% and the other 25% goes into a company owned account. This is so the amount of tokens in the pool is proportional to marketplace sales and requests exchange points can be fulfilled.

Users will be able to see the current number of reward tokens in the pool in a pie chart that dynamically shows their share of the pool.

Each user and each transaction can build up the amount of benefits users get from utilizing our services. These passive rewards means the time spent on our platform is productive to you and your actions on our site.

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