Ethair Market Goes Live, Now You Can Purchase Items With Fiat And Cryptocurrency

Ethair has just enabled its checkouts, which means you are able to purchase listed items. This major milestone makes Ethair Market the first marketplace that allows customers to use both fiat and cryptocurrencies for listing and purchasing items.
With the integrations of Stripe and FTX Pay, Ethair Market is allowing customers to use multiple currencies as payment options.

Currently, Ethair is operating in the U.S. and Canada, soon plans to expand to another 40 countries supported by Stripe. KYC is mandatory for sellers with Stripe, this will help ensure reduced fraud rates and eligibility of items sold. By using the account, customers can reduce their TX fees when interacting with the marketplace.

What is Ethair Market?

Ethair is a next-generation marketplace, similar to eBay, that allows customers to use fiat and cryptocurrencies as means of payment. Its support of multiple selling formats, such as Market and ‘Buy Offer Bid’ gives the ability usually not seen on a single platform. This allows items to be listed both like new with a fixed price, as well as used with buy outright, auctions, or make offer formats. Ethair’s native utility token, ETHR token, allows customers to enjoy various discounts and benefits platform-wide. With aggressive low fees, Ethair’s fees can be more than twice lower compared against its competition, such as eBay or Etsy.

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