Fees Update

We’d like to begin our first update with a big thank you to all the registered customers, both buyers and sellers using our services. As Ethair is built with users in mind, we are glad that more and more users are recognizing our potential! 

What’s new? 

We have decided to remove marketplace final value fees! What does that mean? 

Ethair’s FVF will be 0%. You will only pay payment processing fees by our partners such as Stripe or FTX.US. With this move, we are hoping to aggressively expand into the territory of the bigger marketplaces. This will allow for mutually beneficial growth and an increase of users. 

With the removal of marketplace fees, there will be no Points distribution from sales and purchases. This is due to the way points get reimbursed from a portion of the marketplace fees. 

In the meantime, we recommend sellers use this opportunity to list their items and announce them to their respective followers! 

As a startup founded to support the sellers and their hard work, we are striving to provide the best experience for the lowest fees. With this special campaign, we plan to heavily promote and announce our zero fees across various channels, growing the number of your successful sales.  

Coming soon!

As more sellers arrive on our platform – we have realized there is a need for simple intuitive conversion of their existing listings from various marketplaces. We are pleased to announce that the importer is on its way which should loosen up the required time to list multiple items! 

Last, but not least, we hope you have enjoyed reading our first Ethair update. 

Team Ethair 

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