Ethair has released its ‘Early Preview’ of the marketplace

What does this mean?

Ethair’s ‘Early Preview’ is an opportunity for sellers as well as potential buyers to get familiar with the marketplace. It allows the sellers to list their items before the official release thus allowing them to gain day 1 of release sales and early favorites by potential buyers. On the other hand, buyers are able to preview the listed items and find their favorites to purchase on release.

What can I do as a seller?

As a seller, you may do a couple of things at this stage. The first thing you should do is get familiar with the way our marketplace works and allows for listings of items in Market or BOB format. After that, you should learn on possibilities of selling your items in FIAT (Traditional currencies, such as Dollar) as well as with Cryptocurrencies at the same time, or exclusively in one of the fiat or crypto currencies. If you find cryptocurrencies difficult, no worries, we will have a ‘crash course’ ready in near future helping you to sell items with it as well as sending it to an exchange such as Coinbase from where you may exchange it for FIAT and deposit it to your bank account.

What can I do as a buyer?

As a buyer, you won’t be able to purchase items at this stage, however, that shouldn’t discourage you from taking a look at what Ethair will offer on its release. Find some interesting items sellers have listed and put them into your favorites, fill in your information, and on top of that, refer your friends & family to earn passive income with our special Ethair Referral Program. Once the platform is released you will be the first to checkout on the best deals.

Just casually strolling?

No worries, we will support Guest checkouts! Unfortunately, this will have its downsides you will miss out on, such as earning Points on every purchase which will allow you to exchange for ETHR Token or apply as a discount on future purchases.

Have some questions?

If you got questions regarding the marketplace, please head over to How to Contact Us and email the appropriate department. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions! If you think you’ve found a bug, don’t hesitate to message us either as this preview is also meant to polish stuff to pristine before the release.

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