Catcoin Merch Store to Accept Native Cryptocurrency Payments via Ethair

In the dog territory of BSC tokens, Catcoin (CATS) has emerged as one of the growing token communities with major aspirations and goals ahead. Amidst their increase in popularity, the need for merchandise has produced amazing and unique designs that can be obtained through their Ethair Catcoin store.

Aside from the stylish looks and comfort that Catcoin merchandise provides, several of their products utilize recycled materials. In their store, you’ll find a various range of products: notebooks, mugs, stickers, clothing, and more. Not only does the merchandise look great, but it was designed entirely by members of the community. So, if you are a cat lover, there is no better place to search for a cryptocurrency-related trend! As a bonus, a portion of the profits from the merchandise will be donated to a charitable cause in the near future, such as animal shelters.

World’s first

Catcoin is the first-ever token to sell its merchandise through Ethair Market, making them currently the only cryptocurrency project that supports native cryptocurrency payments for their goods from a marketplace. With this great achievement, the Catcoin community has great things ahead of them.

Catcoin backstory

Catcoin logo

The project emerged in November of 2021, only to be abandoned by its original creator. A group of cat lovers rallied together to resurrect it from the ashes, resulting in extraordinary growth powered by the passion of a close-knit community. All members of the CORE, creative, tech, charity, and other teams are volunteers who are using their time, skills, and talents to further the project. Marketing funds and charitable donations are raised through taxes on the new secure Catcoin token contract. The token has been listed on a number of centralized exchanges.
If you wish to learn more about their community, visit their website and socials.