5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling on Ethair Market

Ethair is better than traditional marketplaces in many ways. Support of cryptocurrency payments, as well as the support of a variety of selling formats that are typically platform-specific, combined on a single platform. Below you can find the reasons why you should consider selling on Ethair Market.

Ethair Market Example
Ethair Marketplace image example

Multiple Selling Formats

Ethair offers multiple selling formats.
“Amazon-like” Market, which are new fixed-price products.
“eBay-like” ‘Buy Offer Bid’, which are new and used auction items that customers may purchase outright, make an offer on, or bid on, similar to conventional online auctions.

Competitive Marketplace Fees

While some marketplaces have various cumulative hidden fees, others may charge you up to 40%.
At Ethair this is different due to transparent marketplace fees. Fees can be up to 8% of the item’s total price, but, 25% of the total ‘Final Value Fees’ is returned to the seller in the form of points. Therefore maximum marketplace fees are actually only 6%! This allows you to increase your margins and price items more competitively while increasing interest by offering bonus points on every purchase.

Multiple Currencies Checkout

When selling there is no limit to a single currency format. Ethair currently offers 3 different setups for you to choose from. This helps you find the perfect balance and decide what suits your preferences the best as well as compare listing interest depending on the checkout type.
You may sell your items in a couple of different setups:
1. Cash ‘Fiat’ – Sell your items for one of the Stripe-supported currencies.
2. Cash ‘Fiat’ + Cryptocurrency – Sell your items for one of the Stripe-supported currencies or one of the accepted cryptocurrencies.
3. Cryptocurrency – Sell your items for one of the accepted cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Support

Crypto comes into play on various levels. The payment processing fees with cryptocurrency are 1% + gas fees which can be sub $0.01c with some cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, other payment processors may charge you 2.9%+$.30c on every transaction. Despite crypto volatility, the USDC token can be used as a USD tethered stable coin. USDC is pegged to be 1:1 with Dollar while offering the best of both worlds.

New (and existing) Audience

Ethair’s targeted audience is far broader than the typical marketplace due to the way it is built and advertised. With the traditional audience that might visit sites like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, Ethair Market attracts a new audience profile – cryptocurrency fans and adopters. With this in mind, it is recommended to list items with the support of cryptocurrency payments.

Bonus: Additonal Marketplace Fees Reduction

ETHR Token, Ethair Market utility token to additionally reduce ‘Final Value Fees’ by another 10%, which means that from a maximum of 8% (6% with points reimbursement) you may lower your ‘FVF’ down to 7.2% (5.4% with points reimbursement).
Further marketplace discounts apply, with sellers receiving a 15% discount on any Ethair advertising spot as well as access to unique advertising slots available only to ETHR holders.
To be eligible for a discount, you must have a balance of 100 ETHR in your account.

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